Park County Animal Shelter does not intake feral cats into the adoptable population at the shelter. This is for the safety of the other shelter animals and the staff and due to the fact that feral cats are not meant to be adoptable and housed.

Park County Animal Shelter will assist the public with TNR programs when needed and time allows with the veterinary staff. If a citizen can trap the feral cats and get them to our office for a scheduled spay/neuter appointment, we will provide that service and the altered feral cats will be returned to the citizen to release. 

If a cat that is within the shelter is later determined to be semi-feral, the cat will be listed on our social media and website as a barn cat and it’s behavioral assessment will be noted. These cats are treated with limited staff contact and protective gear is worn when handling semi-feral cats. 

If a pregnant feral cat is surrendered to the shelter, we will allow her to deliver her kittens and find homes for those kittens. When it is medically appropriate, the feral mother cat will be spayed and released in an appropriate location. 

Revised: April 18, 2024.