Animal shelters and rescues come in all shapes and sizes! That’s why we’ve created this handy list of FAQs to help answer all those questions that might be racking your brain about Park County Animal Shelter, our programs, and what we do!

When is your next spay / neuter clinic?

As a result of COVID-19, we had to cancel all in-person events in 2020, including our spay/neuter clinics. We still wanted to provide assistance to those who needed it so we launched our SNIP Voucher Program, which has replaced our spay / neuter clinics for the foreseeable future. We are hoping to offer free spay / neuter clinics in 2022 that will only be open to unowned, unsocialized cats (or community cats), as part of our TNR program.

To learn more about the SNIP program and to apply for a voucher, click here.

What are the requirements to adopt a pet?

You must be at least 21 years of age. Adoption applications can be filled out online or in-person (3 Arrow Ave, Cody, WY), and must include three, non-relative references who can vouch for you as a pet parent. If you rent your home, landlord approval is also required.

If there is another dog (or dogs) in your home, you will be asked to come to the Shelter for a meet-and-greet between your current dog and the one you wish to adopt before taking the animal home.

What are your adoption fees?

Cat Adoption Fees

Adult Cats (1-6 yrs)$55
Adult Cats (7+ yrs)$30
Barn Cats$10
Kittens (<1 year)$65

Dog Adoption Fees

Adult Dogs (1-5 yrs)$100
Senior Dogs (6+ yrs)$65
Puppies (<1 year)$125

Can I adopt an intact (not spayed or neutered) animal from PCAS?

No. As part of our goal to reduce the overpopulation of cats and dogs in our community, we spay and neuter all animals that come through the shelter.

Can I hold the animal that I’m interested in?

Generally speaking, no. There are two situations in which “holds” can be placed on animals at PCAS:

  1. Open Selection. Animals with an “Open Selection” status are not yet available because they are still on their stray hold. However, they are available for pre-adoption meaning that adopters with approved applications can place a hold by paying a deposit equal to 1/2 the adoption fee. Once the animal’s stray hold is lapsed, the adopter will be able to take the animal home and finalize the adoption (as long as the animal has been spayed or neutered)
  2. Intact Animals. If an animal is waiting to be spayed or neutered and cannot leave the Shelter through our Foster to Adopt program (due to his or her age), an adoption hold can be placed on the animal as long as the adopter picks up the animal within 24 hours of the animal’s scheduled spay/neuter procedure.

I can’t afford my redemption fees, what should I do?

If you cannot afford your redemption fees, you may speak to a supervisor about your situation. All exceptions are on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Will you vaccinate my pets?

We currently offer the FVRCP vaccine for felines and the DHPP vaccine for canines, for a fee of $15 per vaccine. Unfortunately, we do not currently administer Rabies vaccines at PCAS.

Are you a no-kill shelter?

Because our live release rate (or save rate) is 90% or above each year, PCAS is considered a no-kill shelter. Generally speaking, no-kill shelters strive to save every shelter animal that can be saved. PCAS does not euthanize for time or space. However, we sometimes have to euthanize animals who are not safe for adoption or who are too sick to be treated by veterinary professionals.

Do you have a Foster to Adopt program?

Yes. We allow approved applicants to foster animals with the intention of adopting them. During the 30-day foster period, the adoption may be finalized or the animal may be returned to the Shelter, at any time. After 30 days, the adoption must be finalized and an adoption agreement must be signed and returned to the Shelter.

Can I foster kittens or puppies while my grandkids are visiting or during a birthday party?

No. Animals at PCAS are placed in temporary foster homes when it is in the best interest of the animals. Fostering animals for entertainment purposes does not align with our mission and goals as an organization. Examples of animals that are eligible for fostering are listed below:

  • Cats and dogs that are recovering from an injury or medical procedure
  • Nursing cats or dogs and their litters
  • Orphaned puppies or kittens that need to be bottle and/or spoon-fed
  • Animals that have been at the shelter longer than 30 days and would benefit from a few days or weeks outside of the shelter
  • Dogs that are kennel aggressive and would benefit from being in a more comfortable environment while they wait for a new permanent home.

To learn more about fostering, email Jackie at

Do you declaw cats in your care?

No, we do not declaw the cats in our care, nor do we encourage declawing to deter scratching. It’s no fun when your cat scratches up that brand-new sofa but the long-term impact on the cat of declawing is not worth the convenience!

For alternative solutions to declawing, click here.

Can I donate used pet supplies to PCAS?

Sure! But before you drop off your donations, please review this infographic which illustrates which used donations we can accept. Thank you for thinking of us!