Wish List

Canned Dog and Cat Food
Used Blankets
KMR (Kitten Milk Replacemnet) Powder
Dog/Cat Shampoo
Dog Chews/Rawhide
Dog/Cat Toys
Dog Collars/Leads
White Copy Paper
4 x 6 Glossy Photo Paper
Office Supplies
Poop Scooping Rakes
Walmart Cat Litter
5 Gallon Buckets
Dryer Sheets/Dryer Bars
Industrial Mop Heads
30 gallon, heavy duty black garbage bags
13 gallon white garbage bags
Large plastic storage totes with lids

Paper Towels
Toilet Paper/Tissues
Liquid Dish Soap
Dish Washing Sponges
Rubber Gloves (size large)
Latex Gloves (size large)
Liquid Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
HE (High Efficiency) Laundry Detergent (perfume free)
Cat Furniture/Scratching Posts
Kuranda Dog Beds
Chain Link Panels
Cat Carriers
Gift Cards
Large Capacity Washing Machine
  [estimated cost $900]

Gift cards for Walmart, K-Mart, Petsmart, Costco, Pet Stop, Ryan’s Pet Supply
Items to auction/raffle off to benefit Shelter
Handyman Services – plumbing, carpentry, electrical, architectual, and everything in between
Photographers to capture more than just an average picture and increase adoptions
Service Groups for landscaping and maintenance of the shelter