In Appreciation

  • Park County Animal Shelter thanks all its volunteers who give so freely of their time and expertise.
  • PCAS thanks its sponsors who help cover expenses for fundraising events, and for the cost of printing and mailing the newsletters.
  • PCAS thanks the angels who go the extra mile to make good things happen.
  • And most of all, PCAS thanks all the donors, large and small, who make the entire no-kill operation of the animal shelter possible.

If you’re not already, would you like to be part of this extraordinary group of friends of the shelter? Contact the shelter, or any officer or board member, and let us know how you would like to help.

Volunteers, Sponsors, and Donors

Volunteers – 2016

Dog walkers & socializers
Cat playtime socializers
Foster care families
Lincoln & Kelly Reese, Mt. West Virtual Tours, photos and virtual tour of shelter

Sponsors – 2016

Newsletter Ads:

Treasured Memories, Custom Framing & Scrapbooking
Jensen Plumbing
Big Horn Paint
Dawn’s Dogs, etc., Pet Sitting Service
Woodward Tractor & Rental
Shoshone Office Supply
First American Title
Digger’s Delightful Chocolates
The Thistle
First Bank of Wyoming

Newsletter Ads:

Park County Glass
Accents Floral
Crosshairs Family Salon
Ann Flack, Peaks to Prairie Realty
Northern Gardens
Kay Drury, American West Realty
Pizza On The Run
Sean DeNamur Designs, Fine Jewelry
Stewart’s Mercantile
Cody Feed & Livestock Supply

Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Science Diet Sponsor

PCAS is proud to be a part of the Hill’s Food, Shelter and Love program.

Cody Enterprise, Buyer’s Guide, and The Pulse Ad Sponsors:

Ryan-McKenna Family Dogs
W.C. Orrell, Jr., Little Big Man Books
Chadwick Veterinary Hospital
Bill and Sue Smith, Fireworks Factory Outlet
Lifetime Small Animal Hospital
Advanced Veterinary Care Center
The Barn Feed and Pet
Dawn’s Dogs, etc., Pet Sitting Service

Donors – 2016

The fantastic PCAS members and donors who sustain the shelter with their contributions.
The wonderful folks who bring items from the Wish List to the shelter.
Cody Ace Hardware, thank you for your monthly merchandise credit

Veterinarians – 2016

Thank you to all the vet docs and their staffs who help PCAS treat sick or injured animals, participate in the first free pet visit for new adopters, and who offer their services tomake sure the animals in the care of PCAS are healthy and ready to go to their new homes.


Donor Bank Sponsors – 2016

Thank you to all the fine businesses who provide space on their counters for the PCAS donation banks. Having these banks displayed close to the cashier reminds customers to drop their loose change in to help the shelter pay the expenses for animal care every day, holidays included.


Jack Russell / Corgi Races – January 2016

Dog Sponsors

Auntie Q’s Antiques
BHHS Brokerage West, Inc. Real Estate
Chinatown Buffet
Cody Courtry Bed and Biscuit
Cody Custom Cycle
Edward Jones
Farm Bureau Financial Services
Happy Tails Pet Boarding
Hill Family Dentistry, PC
Latigo & Lace Antiques and Gifts
Ron’s Exxon/Rodeo West
Susan Ahalt
US Bank
Wyoming Diesel Power
Wyoming Financial Insurance, Inc.

Event Sponsors

Big Horn Radio Network
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Cody Country Chamber of Commerce
Cody Feed
Coldwell Banker Antler’s Realty
Digger’s Delightful Chocolates
Fremont Motors, Cody
Gail Construction
Garvin Motors
Groathouse Construction
Janci L. Baxter CPA LLC
Juniper Wine and Spirits
Linton’s Big R Stores
Midwest Fence
Park County Title
Pepsi Cola Bottling, Powell
Schrader Metal & Design
Skyhawk Rugs
Stewart’s Mercantile
Sunset House Properties, Inc.
Tanager Beverages, LLC
White Ink Printing


Tasa Brost, JR/Corgi race event organizer
Mary Whitmore, auction/raffle organizer
Mary Jane Luther
Sandy Mueller
Jasi & Ryan Eskeli
Alex Mitchell
Kathy Morgan
Tara Hart
Tina Bloxham & Shiloh Wallingford
Susan Osborne
Jersey Denvir
Carrie Christman
Pam & Werner Noesner
John Gallagher
Lauri Ferraro
Carol Guthrie
Becky Walsh & Frank Bohan
Vivian Ressler
Collette Schwindt
Katherine Volmer


Dawn Day
Mandy Roth
Jess Vertz
Tami Bunker
Allison Weber
Dr. Diana Scollard
Chris Claark
Donna von Nieda
Pat Chapman
Nicole Baggs
Jason & Dillon Brost
Ed & Mary Whitmore
Jan Riley
Joyce Cicco
Kelsey Brown
Brittany Vaughn
Mark Musser, Auctioneer
Leslie Keltner, Runumuck Entertainment,
Sound System and Master of Ceremonies

Silent Auction/Raffle Sponsors

Auntie Q’s Antiques
Bill Hardy
Cody’s Wild West Gift Emporium
Connie Moore
Dave Burke
Dawn’s Dogs, Etc.
Deb & Doug McMillan
Dewey Vanderhoff
Digger’s Delightful Chocolates
Dorie Johnson
Golden Buffalo Fine Jewelry
Greta Olivas
Haskell Furniture & Flooring
Here Yoga, Laura Vandenberg
Jan & Larry Edgar
Jan Hoar
Jan Riley
Jim Zumbo
John Murray

Silent Auction/Raffle Sponsors

Justin & Judy Sanders
Kaki Steves
Kathy Lichtendahl
Linda Burwick
Lisa Neff
Liz Murray
Mary Schock
Meg Campbell
Mountain Mudd Espresso
Paige Bacon
Pam Bullerdick
Paul Stock Aquatic & Recreation Center
Rockstar Cowgirl
Ross Keltner, Farrier
Shauna Roberts
The Barn
Tina Bloxham
Treasured Memories
Valerie Swensrud
White Lotus Salon

Spay / Neuter Clinics – 2016

Yard Sale, Craft Fair, and Other Events – 2016

2014 – 2015
Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, and Angels

Volunteers 2014-2015

Dog walkers & socializers
Cat playtime socializers
Foster care families
Connie Moore, participates in many events
Gerry Patterson, participates in many events
Mary Schock, participates in many events
Mary Jo Hardy, participates in many events
Sam Walsh, pick up and delivery of washer & dryer to PCAS
Mary and Ed Whitmore
Jim Shapple
Jerri Sperry
Leigh Dvarkshkis
Eric Berg
Connie Ryan-McKenna
Kelsey Brown
Andy Whitemen
Jan Riley & her granddaughter, Craft Fair volunteers
Joyce Cicco, participates in many events
Justine May, Santa photo event photographer
Patrick Hardage, Santa’s ambassador, Santa photo event
Holly S. Moen, Santa photo event organizer
Dawn Day, Mary Schock, Gerry Patterson, and Tasa Brost, Santa photo volunteers
Doug Blough, newsletter articles
Alex Mitchell
Terry & Linda Sparrow
Mary Keffer
Linda Kolak
Liz Murray
Sandy Mueller
Dawn Day
Sherry Johnson
Mary Jane Luther
Becky Ransom
Vivian Ressler
Jean Crutchfield
Frank Mallon
Todd Currier
Meg Sommers
Lynn Entwisle
Neil Markert
Karen Palmour
Robert Grossman
Caroline Foy
Carrie Christman
Cynthia Stahl
Laurie Coy
Dewey Vanderhoff, takes photographs for PCAS
Lincoln & Kelly Reese, Mt. West Virtual Tours, photos and virtual tour of shelter

Sponsors 2014-2015

Newsletter Ads:

Park County Glass
The Thistle
Arbor Solutions
Buckstitch Canvas
Cody Pet Depot
Crosshairs Family Salon
Cody Feed
Wyoming Home & Ranch
Digger’s Delicious Chocolates
Peaks to Prairie Realty, Ann Flack
Sunlight Federal Credit Union
Big Horn Paint
Woodward Tractor & Rental, Inc.
Auntie Q Antiques

Newsletter Ads:

Peter’s Café and Bakery
Dawn’s Dogs, etc. and Pet Sitting Service
Stewart’s Mercantile
Sean Jensen Plumbing
Wash Dog Grooming & Daycare
Tara’s Grab & Go Grill
Sean DeNamur Designs
Medical Center Pharmacy
American West Realty & Mgt., Kay Drury
Northern Gardens
First Bank of Wyoming
Tundra General Contractors
Pizza on the Run
Shoshone Office Supply

2015 Tails & Trails 5K Race Event Sponsors:

Eagle Med Helicopters
Cody Country Bed & Biscuit, Leigh Dvarishkis
West Park Hospital
Dick Smith
Kim Sommers
First Bank of Wyoming
Al & Ann Simpson
Cody Ace Hardware
Denny Menholt
Digger’s Delicious Chocolates
Linton’s Big R” Stores
Mountain West Screen Printing
Robert & Sherry Vosseller
Sunset House Restaurant
Bettye Dominick
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Fireworks Factory Outlet
Gerry Patterson
Gottsche Therapy & Wellness Clinic
Ken markert
Reno Collision Center
Stockhell & Richard Tax Service
The UPS Store

Donors 2014-2015

Cody Rotary Club, Dog wash tub donation
Peterson Estate
Howell Howard Estate, from loyal PCAS supporters, Howell & Mimi Howard
Gambles Store, Greg Johnson
Leigh Dvarishkis, washer & dryer for PCAS
The wonderful folks who bring items from the Wish List to the shelter
Loenbro Pipeline Solutions, General Manager Donnie Gillette and his wife Dana, donation to the PCAS Building Fund
Dan & Katie Peterson, and Manager Rod Peterson, Cody Ace Hardware, monthly credit
Cody Tractor & Supply, dog, cat, and kitten food
Sandra Mueller
Jill Welch, donated part of her JR/Corgi Race prize back to PCAS
Carol Helzer, toward dog wash tub and grooming installation and misc. items
Cody Garden Club, shelter flowers
The Encore Club, Spay/Neuter donation
Grant from Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Foundation
Jim & Madonna Zumbo, facilitators for Muttnation grant
Robert Parker, donated used washer/dryer set to replace nonworking machines
Mel’s Scrap Metal, hauled off old washer/dryer
Bob and Joyce Grossman, donated a new furnace for dog kennel area
Cathy and her dad, Ted Roes, Midwest Fence, for gate latches and used fencing materials
All those shoppers who drop their change in the Dog & Cat banks
All those businesses who welcome the Dog & Cat banks on their counters

Donors to Cody Enterprise and Pulse publication for “a pet needing a home” ads:

Connie Ryan-McKenna Family Dogs
W.C. Orrell Jr. of Little Big Man Books
Chadwick Veterinary Hospital
Bill & Sue Smith of Fireworks Factory Outlet
Lifetime Small Animal Hospital
Advanced Veterinary Care Center
The Barn Feed & Pet
Dawn’s Dogs etc. & Pet Sitting Service

Angels 2014-2015

Jim Shapple, a generous angel who’s always there for the animals
Eric Berg, painting, carpentry, and fix-it projects at the shelter
Mary Whitmore, what would we do without her?
Members of PCAS, for their participation and support
Dr. Britt Whitt, veterinarian, for spay/neuter services to low income clients
The kind man who brought Scooby dog to his forever home after four years at PCAS
Gunnar dog’s new forever-home family who discovered him at the Spring Fling

Jack Russell / Corgi Races – 2015


Kelsey Brown, organizer for 5 years
John Murray, door prize donor
Misty Scott
Allison Weber
Jessika & Shane Vertz
Susan Osborne
Jersey Denvir
Tara & Malory Hart
The Brost Family
Sandra Mueller
Bill Brown
The Kuck Family
The Eskelli Family
Tami Bunker
Leslie Keltner
Mary Whitmore
Katherine Volmer
Collette Schwindt
Susan Ahalt
Susan Cook
Kara McCoy
The Noesner Family
The Stutzman Family
Olga Troxel
Mary Jane Luther
Carol Guthrie
Martha Vanoni
The Harvey Family
Jobe Livingston
The Hart Fammily
Becky Walsh & Frank Bohan
The Blessing Family
All the donors of silent auction items


Stewart’s Mercantile
Juniper Bar, Market, & Bistro
Tanager Beverage
Farm Bureau Insurance, Jeanna Kennedy
Wyoming Diesel Power
U.S. Bank
Happy Tails Pet Boarding
Wyoming Home & Ranch Supply
McIntosh Trucking
Auntie Q Antiques
Wyoming Financial-Cody
The UPS Store
Tundra Construction
Edward Jones
Cody Country Bed & Biscuit
Fremont Motors-Cody
Schrader Metal & Design
Yellowstone Sports Medicine
The Cody
White Ink Printing
Big Horn Radio Network
Cody Enterprise
Midwest Fence
Cody Feed
Coldwell Banker-Antlers Realty
Hill Family Dentistry
Rodeo West-Ron’s Exxon

Spay / Neuter Clinics – 2015

Boot & Bottle Club Building, Heather Johnson, facilitator
Cody Motor Lodge, Bev Ellis and folks, lodging for veterinarians and vet technicians
West Park Hospital, Rick Cover & Gail Parker, oxygen, towels, and linens
Dr. Diana Scollard, veterinarian, and her staff of three vet technicians
Dr. Mark Francis, veterinarian, and his staff of three vet technicians
All the great volunteers who help run the clinics

Yard Sale, Holiday Craft Fair, and Other Events 2014-2015

Dawn Day, Sage Creek Community Building Annual Yard Sale, organizer
Sage Creek Community Club, for use of building and grounds for yard sale
Mary Whitmore, Craft Fair & Garage-a-Rama organizer
Ed Whitmore, Happy Helper with whatever project Mary is working on
Ed Whitmore, donor of two foldable pet hammocks for the Craft Fair
Many donors of craft and baked items for sales, Craft Fair, and other fundraising events
Mary Jo Hardy, donor of two Craft Fair raffle items
Martha Vanoni, Craft Fair raffle item donor
Gerry Patterson, Craft Fair item donor
Anonymous, Craft Fair gift card donor
Ginger Dager, Craft Fair item donor (Chicken sweaters!!)
Kay Drury, Craft Fair auction cake donor
John Murray, donated auction knife
Frank Bohan, door prize donor
Becky Walsh, prize donor
3 Dog Rescue, Bud & Kathy McDonald, donors and volunteers
Darita Enterprises, donation of Garage-a-Rama space rent
Mary Whitmore, Digger’s Delightful Chocolates (available September to March)
Jerry Kinkade, AA Storage, donated use of a storage shed for Yard Sale donated items
Gerry Patterson, Dog & Cat Bank volunteer
All businesses that place Dog & Cat Banks on their counters
All customers who so generously donate to the Dog & Cat Banks
Tails & Trails dog walkers and runners, and their dogs, all 79 of them!
Connie Moore, Tails & Trails 5K Race Event, “Adopt Me” dog vests
Bobby Rock, Eagle Radio, weekly interviews with Brittany Vaughn, PCAS Manager
Jan Hoar and the knitting club, Craft Fair donations
The Barn Feed & Pet Store, Santa photos
All the shoppers who bought fundraising items and raffle tickets