Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are of vital importance to PCAS! There are many ways that you can make our pets’ stay at PCAS happier, healthier, and more comfortable. Whether you have specialized skills to share or just a willing heart, we would love your help! There’s no time requirement; it can be an hour a week, or once a month, or whatever suits you.

There are several different ways that you can volunteer your time.

At the shelter you could: walk a dog, groom and bathe animals, play with cats, grounds keeping and gardening, assist with building maintenance, or complete building projects.

From home or around town you could: help organize adoption events, help with fundraising events, assist with our yearly membership drive, lend a helping hand at Spay/Neuter clinics, create craft projects, brainstorm new ideas for fundraisers and events, attend our fundraisers, sponsor our events, or do something nice for PCAS staff.

To get involved, call us or come on in to talk about how you’d like to help!