Manager and Staff

Brittany Vaughn

Brittany has been PCAS  Manager since August of 2012. She first started working at PCAS when she was in high school. Brittany went away to college, and then came back to PCAS and the animals she loves.

Polly Churma

Veterinarian Technician Polly Churma has been with PCAS since January of 2012!

Valerie Swensrud

Kennel Worker Valerie has been with PCAS since October of 2014.

Tiffany Waldner

Kennel Worker Tiffany has been with PCAS since April of 2015.

Alyssa Lydic

Kennel Worker Alyssa Lydic has been with PCAS since September of 2017.

Thanks Dewey Vanderhoff for taking some of the photos of the PCAS staff and providing them for this website.