Digger's Delightful Chocolates

One Way to Help – Order Digger’s Delightful Chocolates
All proceeds from Digger’s Delightful Chocolates benefit
Park County Animal Shelter’s Spay & Neuter Clinics

To Order:
Call or email Mary:
Available Oct- Mar

Digger’s Delightful Chocolates $5 per bag

Your choice of dipping chocolate Dark, Milk, or White.

Munch’s Tortoises– 3 per bag Made with caramel, pecans and almonds
Benny’s Bear Paws– 3 per bag Made with caramel and mixed nuts.
Winnie’s Truffles– 4 per bag Choose your Ganache:
Chocolate, Choc. Coffee, Keylime, Raspberry, Coconut, Brown Sugar or Coffee
Sunshine’s Fudge– 4-5 oz. per bag (With or without nuts)
Lickety Split’s Rocky Road Fudge– 4-5 oz. per bag. Fudge with nuts and marshmallows.
Xerox’s Caramel Almond Clusters – 4 per bag. Caramel and almonds dipped in chocolate.
Leroy’s Coconut Balls – 4 per bag. Coconut dipped in dark chocolate
Sojourn’s Paws – 6 per bag. Dark, Milk, White Chocolate Paws!