Board of Directors and Officers

Ken Market – President
Ken is Board President and CEO of PCAS. He is a city planning consultant, former Park County planning director, and past-president of the Cody Rotary Club. He and his family have adopted and fostered many shelter animals and volunteered countless service hours to PCAS. Ken is proud to serve with the current board and staff, who have all shown great dedication and skill in improving PCAS’s finances, shelter management, and community outreach.

Dave Burke – Vice President

Dave currently serves as Vice President and Board member of the Park County Animal Shelter, and is also on the Building Committee.  In addition to being an animal lover, and an advocate for wildlife and public lands, Dave brings a good mix of budgeting and management background to the board.  He has recently retired as a Park County Commissioner in 2012.  Before then, he worked at West Park Hospital for 12 years, as Supervisor in Materials Management.  Born and raised in Powell, Dave married a Cody native “Nena”, and they make their home outside of Cody.  Hobbies include wildlife and nature photography.

Andy Whiteman – Treasurer

Andy is the current Treasurer of  PCAS, and also serves on the Employee Policies and Pay Committee. He is retired but served as City Administrator for Cody for 4 years and in that capacity for a number of other cities throughout his career.  His administrative experience has been invaluable to the Board.

Tasa Brost – Secretary

Tasa grew up in Cody and graduated from Cody High School.  She attended the University of Colorado at Denver and graduated with  a Bachelors degree in Finance. After working fifteen years as a real estate appraiser, she moved back to Cody with her family in 2011 to raise son Dillon.  Once back, she began fostering dogs for a local rescue. Besides husband Jason and son Dillion, her family includes four dogs, three cats, four horses, bunnies for 4H and chickens.  Animals have always been an important part of her family.  In 2014, Tasa became a Board member. She is not only our Secretary and major animal supporter, she also brings vital financial skills.

Bettye Dominick – Director

Bettye is our Newsletter Editor, a demanding job for which both members and furry clients are grateful. As Editor, she’s the engine that keeps us apprised of PCAS happenings. She is not only an advocate for dogs and cats but one of the founding members of FOAL–Friends of A Legacy, the McCullough Peaks Mustangs, and held several offices in that organization.  Her love of animals, thoughtful consideration of issues and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to PCAS.

Jan Riley – Director
Raised in Casper, WY, Jan worked for Title companies most of her career. First in Casper, then Pinedate, where she raised her three children, and finally, in Cody for Shoshone Title until she retired. She has been a Board member since 2011 serving as Treasurer for four years. Jan is perhaps our most vocal member, and she uses this talent to keep the Board on its toes and at their best.

Joyce Cicco – Director

Every Board needs someone who never says no to a challenge. That’s Joyce. Whether it’s fundraising, volunteering at PCAS or the Spay/Neuter Clinics, getting advertising for the Newsletter, working on membership, she does it all and well. Her latest challenge is  our Website.  Her love of  dogs, cats, and birds – she’s a founding member of the Meadowlark Audubon Society- drives her to never turn down a challenge. She has rescued and adopted dogs and cats for over 50 years.  Her credentials include a Business Management associate’s degree from Northwest College and service on other Boards.

Mary Schock – Director

Mary has been a member of PCAS since 1990. Mary is the heart of PCAS.  In the early years, she volunteered and did animal rescue missions. She now monitors the care of our furry guests and needs of the staff. She educates the public about PCAS and advocates and supports the Spay/Neuter clinics. She is PCAS’  Ambassador of Good Will.

Carrie Christman – Director

Carrie has been a member and volunteer at the shelter since 2015. She recently retired from a 30-year career with the U.S. Forest Service where she served as a forest planner, cartographer, and wildland firefighter. Canine search and rescue has been an ongoing avocation and interest for Carrie. She looks forward to working with the board and the community doing the important work of helping to find safe and caring homes for homeless animals. Carrie became a member of the board in 2017.
Photo provided by Carrie Christman.

Thanks Dewey Vanderhoff for taking the photos of the PCAS board members and providing them for this website.